About Grounded

GROUNDED began as a way to get strong and accessible Bible resources into the hands of churches in Africa. At the time on its inception in 2012, our family was living in Johannesburg, South Africa. We were creating content for general evangelism, teenagers, and families. We had started traveling around the African continent, visiting churches and realized how much they were lacking quality Christian content. We visited the USA in July 2012 and began selling our first five GROUNDED books. Our hope was to generate enough revenue that we could continue to provide resources for Africans at really affordable prices. We were surprised at how well received the GROUNDED materials were!

We also launched our first website in 2012 and started uploading lots of free content. We started getting emails from around the world, thanking us for what was provided.

What began as a simple resource sharing venture has really grown. We now have a vision of being able to provide quality content that is easily accessible to people all over the world. We are starting to translate GROUNDED materials into other languages. We are creating more and more content, and we are trying to step more into the digital world, providing ePubs.

We would always like to have a lot of free content. Our website will be a place to find many helpful tools. We also create more robust content for purchase. Our sales help us to create more and more great resources to share.
We appreciate everyone’s support!

Dave Pocta
Founder and President