ICYFM 2013, Delegates Meeting, NY Church 30th Anniversary All Together

Every two years, the Delegates (about 150 representatives from our family of churches around the globe) meet for a few days to discuss the needs in our churches and make decisions to strenghthen our fellowship. In the last couple of years, many of the delegates have been asking for direction and guidance on how to build healthy youth & family ministries in their geographic region of churches.

Seperately, every two years we have had an ICYFM (International Conference of Youth & Family Ministry) where church leaders, teen leaders, elders and parents have gathered to learn about building youth & family ministry. We are thrilled to announce an exciting combination of these meetings at an event, A City on a Hill, coming to New York City in September 2013. The delegates will arrive in NYC on Wednesday, 11 September to begin their meetings. The participants of the ICYFM will arrive in NYC on Friday, 13 September. The two groups will participate together Friday night through Sunday morning in workshops and classes learning to build youth & family ministry and on Sunday everyone will join the NYC church for their 30th anniversary service! This will truly be an incredible time together. More information will follow soon & registration will begin this month (March 2013).

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